Sunday, 15 January 2017

Toaster sweater 1 is a T-shirt!

After battling with my overlocker last week-end, I finally took the plunge and tried some clothes sewing, with jersey as well! 

I had signed up to #SewMyStyle on Instagram and the first pattern for January is a Toaster Sweater by Sew House Seven.I have been willing to try clothes making for a while and I figured that would give me the push I needed to get started.

I had cut the pattern and then the fabric, yes one step at a time as I was quite scared! So on Saturday, I started assembling the pieces. And surprise, it went together quite easily! I got to this stage on Saturday
I tried the twin needle sewing on the seams but it was messy so I gave up before ruining everything.
And on Sunday night, I had my first ever me-made garment! The fabric was on the thin side so it is more a T-Shirt than a sweater, which is good because it is slightly tight on me anyway and suit better  a T-shirt. The fabric is soooo comfortable I really love it. And I think there will be more of these in the future, I am converted!

So I am very happy to have a successful finish and if you are new to dressmaking, it is an easy enough pattern to try! Now I didn't pay enough attention to the #SewMyStyle challenge and cut the Toaster #1 when we are making Toaster #2! So back to the drawing board to make version 2 of the pattern, hoping it will be as successful as the first.
But for now this is another OPAM for January as well as my OMG and also one of my Q1 FAL list!

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Saturday, 14 January 2017

Sewing time!

I had some sewing time last week-end so I thought it would be a good idea to get my overlocker out of its box again and play with it. I started with an easy project making some napkins that I had cut a while

My next project was a bit more complicated but had been on my to-do list for a while so I thought it would be good to cross it off! I started making my bean bag with the inner layer that I made out of a thin white cotton and that went well and was so quick with the overlocker. I then moved to the outer bag, which I made from a coated fabric and that's when the problems started. My overlocker started playing up (again) and I ended up having to finish the cover with my sewing machine. Disappointing result from the overlocker but a finished bean bag that I am happy to cross off my list.

And this was my first Q1 FAL finish too!
And 2 OPAM for January
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Monday, 9 January 2017

Q1 FAL 2017

Another year and of course another stupidly long list of projects, what else! How many can I finish in one quarter? and hopefully a few UFOs will get taken out of their bags and finished off! But I am sure I'll also be tempted by new projects along the way...

1. Medaillon quilt - one of my oldest UFO from about 10 years ago. The top was a round robin and I never got around to quilt it because it is big!

2.  Quilt for E - HK QAL - all cut, it would be good to have it done for her birthday in April

3. Wanta Fanta - only one more block needed - can I get it finished for A's official birthday end of February?

4. Elephant quilt - all the elephants are finished, only a few more blocks needed - can I get the quilt finished for C's birthday in February?

5. Super Mario quilt - a few blocks still needed - can I get it finished for M's birthday in March?

6. Pillow case for all 3 kids for their birthday - 2 Frozen and 1 with guitar

7. Impromptu along - abandoned 3 years ago!

8. Pumpkin Passport Cross stitch - I have stitched up to September, 3 months to catch up

9. Toaster sweater 1

10. Toaster sweater 2

11. Saunio cardigan

12. Floral Supply Case Sew Along

13. Bean bag for M

14. Bean bag for C

15. Bean bag for A

A few different projects this quarter, stretching out of my comfort zone! so 15 projects is more than enough and as well a few UFOs

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Friday, 6 January 2017

First blocks of the year!

It is so nice to be back into a routine, back to my machine, back to some sewing time... with no pressure! I have mainly made blocks in the first few days of the year in a bid to advance some WIP before they fall in the UFO pile!

One last belated bee block

One Farmer's wife block that I didn't realised I had already done before :-( I'll have a choice of which one to include in my quilt!
56 [Maple Leaf]
and one that I had't made yet :-)
59 [Night and Day]

The last 4 blocks of the Project 48 quilt-along (I am catching up starting by the end! so that's December done!)



The first 2 3 blocks of the Solstice Challenge, I am making those 9' instead of 12' with the same lovely Lighthearted fabric line that I am also using for Project 48 quilt planning to combine them all at the end!
1 Churn Dash

2  Day into Night

3 Tide Pool

10 blocks for the first week of the year, that's not bad and will help towards my 100 days challenge!

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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

100 days challenge

I like this little challenge from Jen of picking up 3 projects to work on for 100 days

So let's focus on 3 projects until mid April, now to select only 3!

1. Hello Kitty quilt for my niece - squares all cut

2. Farmer's Wife blocks - 30 done so far it would nice to make at least 30 more...

3. Project 48 - 17 blocks done so far, it would be nice to complete the 48 blocks

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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Q4 FAL review

So the year is over and for once I did cross a few bits off my lists including some old UFOs. Let's have a look at the last list now!

1.Cat tote bag for Christmas present? - not done because the cat lover doesn't like cats anymore so I made more open wide pouch instead

2.  Quilt for E - HK QAL - not started

3. Wanta Fanta - only one more block needed

4.  Book Bee quilt - blocks ready -  - no progress

5. Sashiko Along -  finished!

6. Elephant quilt - all the elephants are finished, only a few more blocks needed

7. Mod Mod Along - plenty more blocks are needed  - no progress

8. Impromptu along - abandoned 3 years ago! -  - no progress

9. PE bag C - done

10. PE bag A - done

11. Soaps to give at Christmas - done

12. A very merry Christmas Town - finished

13. Summer Solstice cushion - finished

14. Make up pouch as Christmas present - finished

15. Dance bag for C  - no progress

Bonus/Joker project: Make one item of cloth for myself or someone else!

And I need to add a seasonal project, one that has been abandoned at the cutting stage 2 years ago.... my Fair Isle quilt (if I can find the fabric that is!) - finished

8 out of 15 projects in the run up to Christmas including a full size quilt, not too bad!

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Monday, 2 January 2017

January goals

New Year, New Beginning! Time to make the first list of the year and to see how many projects I can finish as well as how many I get tempted to start!

Hoping for finish
1. Bean Bag
2. Toaster Sweater for #SewMyStyle - this will be my choice for the One Monthly Goal
3. Medaillon quilt

Bee Blocks 
1. Flower hexies for the Inchy Hexie Swap (January
2. I love Lucy International (November, bonus block)
3. Block lotto

1. Wanta Fanta - need 1 more block
2. Elephant Parade - 6 more blocks before the top can be put together 

3. Farmer's wife 1930 QAL and original FW - let's try 5 FW blocks this month!
4. Postcards from the World 
5. 365 challenge quilt 

6. Town and Country quilt - I am so behind....
7. HST modern sampler quilt - 12 blocks behind, catch up time
8. Project 48 - let's try to catch up 

9. Pumpkin Passport  

10. Dear Jane - aiming for 5 blocks

New Project
1. Custom cushions  x 2 
2. Zodiac BOM 
3. Gipsy Wife QAL
4. 182 days Solstice challenge with Pat Sloan


Saturday, 31 December 2016

Happy New Year

2016 is drawing to a close and 2017 is about to start, a new year, a black canvas to fill!

I wish all the best for this New Year which I hope will be filled with peace, happiness and lots of lovely projects.



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